New Entrant Carriers
What are the requirements of the New Entrant rule?

All new entrant motor carriers must complete an application package consisting of a MCS-150, and a MCS-150A. This application may be completed online at, or by contacting our headquarters office at (800) 832-5660 and requesting an application mail. For-hire motor carriers must complete an OP-1, or OP-1(P), the BOC-3, and pay a $300.00 filing fee. Private, and exempt for-hire carriers will not be required to pay any fee. Once the application package is completed, the carrier will be granted new entrant registration (USDOT number).

After being issued a new entrant registration, the carrier will be subject to an 18-month safety-monitoring period. During this safety-monitoring period, the carrier will receive a safety audit and have their roadside crash and inspection information closely evaluated. The carrier will be required to demonstrate it has the necessary systems in place to ensure basic safety management controls. Failure to demonstrate basic safety management controls may result in the carrier having their new entrant registration revoked.

Who is subject to this rule?

Beginning January 1, 2003, all new motor carriers (private and for-hire) operating in interstate commerce must apply for registration (USDOT Number) as a "new entrant".

What happens after the 18-month new entrant registration?

The carrier will be notified in writing that the "new entrant" designation will be removed from their registration at the end of the 18-month safety-monitoring period, if the carrier meets the following requirements:

  • The new entrant has passed a safety audit, or has not been deemed "unfit" following a compliance review; and
  • The new entrant does not have any outstanding civil penalties.

Where will these safety audits be conducted?

The safety audits will primarily be conducted on-site at the carrier's principle place of business. However, some safety audits may be conducted at other locations.

When does this rule go into effect?

The rule becomes effective January 1, 2003.

When will safety audits be conducted?

New entrant motor carriers can expect to start receiving safety audits 3-6 months after they are granted new entrant registration.

Why were these rules created?

Congress required the FMCSA to establish minimum requirements for new motor carriers seeking federal interstate operating authority. These minimum requirements include having the carrier certify that it has systems in place to ensure compliance with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, and a safety audit conducted within the first 18 months of the carrier's interstate operation.

1. What is the difference between interstate commerce and intrastate commerce?

Interstate commerce is trade, traffic, or transportation involving the crossing of a State boundary. Either the vehicle, its passengers, or cargo must cross a State boundary, or there must be the intent to cross a State boundary to be considered an interstate carrier. Intrastate commerce is trade, traffic, or transportation within a single State.

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