Driver Qualification Files
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Saturday, 07 July 2007 02:54

Part 391 of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations requires your company to generate, retain, and update employment files containing specific documents for each driver. Our Driver Qualification File (DQF) service is designed to assist you in this requirement using one of two options:

Option I - Original Driver Qualification File This service generates an original DQF from information appearing on a fully executed application for employment as provided by the driver applicant.

Option II - Driver Qualification File Maintenance Part 391 forces penalties for failure to periodically review each Driver’s Qualification File. Our qualified personnel assist with these maintenance requirements, working with you to ensure inclusion and proper maintenance of documents necessary to achieve compliance with these regulations. We evaluate each document already in the file for compliance with requirements contained in Part 391. An integral part of this service provides monthly status reports including partially prepared documents to be renewed the succeeding month. If your company’s requirements are more stringent than federal regulations, we ensure they supercede Part 391.

TRC's system is capable of providing historical driving records from 48 states and the Canadian provinces. This system can be accessed to track operator’s license information, substance abuse offenses, accident data, and court disciplinary action. The result provides compliance with regulations, and also ties neatly into company award programs.

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