Dispatcher warns truckers in Pennsylvania to reroute or face fines
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Friday, 21 November 2008 10:01

Dispatcher warns truckers in Pennsylvania to reroute or face fines

A truck dispatcher for a company near Parkesburg, PA, said she's tired of watching truckers being targeted by local police for mistakenly turning onto a "no truck" route.
She said she's seen as many as four trucks in one day pulled over and cited by police for turning onto Route 372 into Parkesburg on their way to the industrial park in Atglen, PA. She said the problem is that there are no signs posted that it?s a no truck route until after they've committed to the turn.

I have seen truckers make the turn, then slam on their brakes once they read the sign, but it's too late there's no where to turn around and the police are just waiting there to catch them. The fine is nearly $400, which she said in today's economic climate is sometimes more than what the truckers are making on the load.

She said truckers headed to the industrial area near Parkesburg in Atglen, PA, should come up Route 41 north to Route 372 east or take Route 30 west to Route 41 south to Route 372 east. The dispatcher said truckers should avoid Route 10 north or south because there?s no way onto Route 372 west without possibly facing a ticket.
"I just want to get the word out so that hopefully this will help the next trucker headed this way," the dispatcher said.

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